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Mar yTierra

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Mariscos - Carnes - Provisiones


Mar y Tierra, a quality food provider, offers a large variety of products. These include beef cuts, pork cuts, poultry and seafood among others. We carry over four hundred different products to meet all of our clients needs.


We represent slautherhouses and food processing facilities in the United States to provide our customers with freshest products at competitive prices. Whether you are interested in poultry, whole hogs or beef cuts, we can develop a custom solution that will fit your needs.
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Our lean BBQ hogs are fresh frozen with an average of only ten days from the slaughter date. Supplying our customers with an extremely fresh product all year long has categorized us and the number one BBQ hog's distributor in the island. We carry all sizes of BBQ hogs from a ten pounder piglets to one hundred and eighty pounds butcher hogs.

For information about these products or a complete product list please contact us.

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