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Distribuidores al por mayor

Mar yTierra

Mariscos - Carnes - Provisiones


Mar y Tierra, offers a large variety of products. These include beef cuts, pork cuts, poultry and seafood among others. We carry over four hundred different products to meet all of our clients needs.

For more information on our products, contact Mar y Tierra today!

 Some other products we carry are:

Pork Cuts:

Boneless Boston Butts
Bone In Boston Butts
Boneless Pork Loins
Bone In Pork Loins
Boneless Pork Sirloins
50% Trimmings
80% Trimmings
Pork Liver
Pork Hearts
Pork Heads
Pork Ears
Pork Feet
Pork Fat
Pork Tongues
Pork Stomach
Pork Cushion Meat
Pork Bacon
Pork Blood

Fish & Seafood:

Halibut Filet
Sway Filet
King Fish
Snapper Filet
Tilapia Filet
Pollock Filet
Marlin Filet
Conch Meat
Cooked Shrimp
Raw Shrimp
Lobster Tails
Mahi Mahi Filet


Turkey Breast
Whole Turkey
Whole Chicken
Chicken Wings
Chicken Back Portion
Blss Chicken Thighs
Chicken Thighs
Chicken Breasts
Mini Chicken Cordon Bleu
Blss Chicken Breasts
Chicken Cordon Bleu

Beef Cuts:

Beef Outside Skirt
Beef Tripe
Beef Knuckle

Rib Eye Steak
Ground Beef
Cow Tail

   For information about these products or a complete product list please contact us

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